We are expanding our team

Our Open Positions

We at Methodia are really passionate about building a great team, because we believe that through inspiration and passion great achievements are always possible! Join us and discover environment based on collaboration, innovation and acknowledgement!


Methodia assists small to mid-sized companies to realize their potential and become competitive in the ever-changing business environment.

What we do

Methodia strives to solve our customer’s business problems through implementation of innovative solutions and methodologies in order for them to be able to tackle everyday task and expand their business more efficiently.

When you join us you will

  • Join a fresh team
  • Work in an Agile environment and use modern methodologies
  • Develop SaaS solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as large Bulgarian companies
  • See your applications in use by the customers literally on the next day
  • Exposure to multiple and often unique technologies

Additional benefits:

  • Annual and permanent evaluation process for personal growth and performance
  • Bonuses and share options for high performers
  • Additional health insurance and a full featured social benefits program
  • Perfect work-life balance

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